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At Urgent Care of KY, our staff is educated and friendly. They are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best care possible.

  • Candice Adkins, PA-C

  • Eyad Alhaj, MD

  • Mark Catron, PA-C

  • Taylor Hicks, APRN

  • Amy Comer, APRN

  • Thomas Fowles, MD

  • Catherine Gully, PA-C

  • Danielle Mcintyre, APRN

  • Hayden Kelly, APRN

  • Abraham Armah, APRN

  • Glenna Gramig, APRN

  • Lara Hager

  • Mary White

  • Charles King, APRN

  • Rusty MacSwords, PA-C

  • Sherry Watkins, APRN

  • Abdolreza Rabiee, MD

  • Nawar Soda, MD

  • Kara Osburn, APRN

  • Patti Routt, APRN

  • Kayla Marcum, APRN

  • Darwin Whitaker, PA-C

  • Tabitha Burton, MD

  • Kristin Morgan, APRN

  • Griselda Cheng-Akwa, APRN

Our Providers
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